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My June Goals.

My June Goals.


Summer, is that you?

It’s been a while since I uploaded a blog post, it’s safe to say that blogging every other day in May didn’t work out for me this year but it’s okay. May has been one long, stressful month and I’m pretty happy to see the back of it if I’m honest. I don’t have anything too crazy to focus on this month, I’m feeling the need to ease up a bit and just stay still for a moment and so far it’s working out pretty good, I think this definitely reflects in my goals for the next 4 weeks. Roll on June!

Take some needed time off…

Olly and I are going to Greece at the end of the month and I seriously can’t wait. It will be our first beach/lounge-by-the-pool holiday in a couple of years and it couldn’t come at a better time. With all of the stress from last month, we really need to take some time away to a new destination to connect again and just relax to the max. I’m so excited to explore a new place with my love, take lots of photos and footage on our cameras and enjoy our dreamy looking resort as well as the local towns. I’ll be spending my days moving from the pool to the beach to the lounger with my books. You best believe we’re booking in massages at the hotel too!

Continue to practice mindfulness

I’ve recently been getting into the habit of meditating but I don’t have much of a routine with it yet. I really want to nail down a routine as I do find the benefits really work for me. I’m still very much on a journey towards this goal and I always use the headspace app to guide me which I have been loving.

Book in things to look forward to…

I’m realising more and more that I am a motivated and happy person, if I have a few things in the diary to look forward to. Surely I’m not the only one like this!? I’m finally meeting my wonderful friend from across the pond, Tenneil. T booked tickets to see the Spice Girls (nope, not jealous, not even a teeny…tiny…bit…) and she decided to make a longer trip of it seeing as she lives far away, in Aus. We’ve got a spot of lunch and shopping on the cards which I’m so excited for!

I’ve also got a few birthdays to celebrate, as well as weekly exercise and swimming sessions and I’ll be carving out some time for pampering with my mum and getting stuck into a new creative hobby. Dreamy.

Have a digital clear out

I go through phases of being absent on social media (mainly instagram) and I also feel guilty for it. One thing that I find helps to keep me inspired and motivated to keep up with my feed, is by having digital clear outs every now and then. I’m due and unfollowing spree on instagram so I’d like to dedicate time to that this month. I know that sounds really harsh but I’m learning to not feel guilty for outgrowing a feed. We are constantly changing and evolving our habits, likes and dislikes… it’s only natural to feel as though you no longer connect with someone or their content, it’s nothing personal. I’m sure there are people out there who feel the same about me and my feed, it’s totally okay.

I want to find more creative and natural people/accounts to follow in terms of content and personality. I’ve fallen in love with a few accounts recently that have really inspired me to start creating with different methods so I’d love to keep that going.

That’s it from me for this month. Having a few goals that I can really focus on and spend time working towards really helps me to achieve them. I’d love to know what your goals are for this month!

F x

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