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A Few Haircare Heroes.

A Few Haircare Heroes.


Hello soft and silky hair…

I never really understood the big deal around haircare and why I should be bothered to look after my mane. It just seemed like a boring and tedious task that I could do without, if I’m honest. Truth be told, Olly actually blow dries my hair for me because I was so fed up of doing it when I didn’t have the time the let it dry naturally. My interest was caught however, when I found Kristin Ess on instagram a couple of years ago. The dreamy packaging paired with the promise of a soft and silky head of hair had me hooked. I put some of her products on my shopping list for when Olly and I went to NYC last year, but while we were away she announced that she was beginning to ship to the UK, my haircare prayers had been answered! I have also been really loving IGK and Bumble and Bumble on my locks too. I wanted to give you guys a break down of my favourite products that I use every single time I wash my hair…


Kristen Ess Haircare

As I mentioned above, I’ve known about Kristen Ess for a couple of years but I’ve only been using a handful of her products for 8 months. I’ve tried shampoos and conditioners as well as sprays and creams… I personally am yet to find a product of hers that I don’t like, however, I do have my favourites. While I enjoyed using the shampoo and conditioner, I find myself gravitating towards the finishing products more. If I had to recommend one product only, it would be my ride or die Leave-In Conditioner spray. This product is pure magic for my hair. I like to spray this all over my hair liberally before brushing as it helps my wet brush to glide through effortlessly, and what’s even better is that it doesn’t make my hair greasy at all, not matter how much I over spray! Another KEH product that I use almost every time I wash my hair, is the Working Serum. I use one pump of the serum and rub it in between my fingers, and then I simply run my fingers through the ends of my hair and then gently running any left over serum on my flyaways. I like to mix it up a bit by using this on dry hair and also using it on towel dried hair before blow drying. You can use this little product either way and they both give soft and shiny results.

Another KEH wonder product that I’ve used a couple of times before is the Rose Gold Temporary Tint. If you’re after a quick tint of colour in your hair, then this is glorious and oh so easy to use! This particular shade is pink, however I’ve seen Kristen alluding to a few more colours possibly coming soon so watch this space… This is an in-shower application which makes it easy to use, relatively mess free and also pretty quick! I haven’t been brave enough to try this all over yet, but I love spraying it through the ends of my hair or doing a half up half down situation too. What is possibly the best thing about this spray however, is that you can control how pink you want your hair to be, you can just spray less or more to get your desired look!

I G K Mistress

I absolutely love this product! I got this as a sample size in a gift set for Christmas last year, however it’s still going strong and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it in the bigger size. Mistress is an anti-frizz treatment so it’s perfect to apply to the ends of your hair before you blow dry. I absolutely love the finish it gives and I’ve seen a difference in my split ends too. I really do love this little product and a little definitely goes a long way…


Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer

This little beauty has been in my stash for the longest time… I just can’t get enough of it! Having been a fan of the Bumble and Bumble range, I picked up a travel size version of the Invisible Oil Primer and couldn’t believe just how good it actually was. This is a Heat/UV protection spray so I spray this all over my hair before I blow dry, ensuring that I give my hair 5 or so minutes to let it sink in. Not only is this the most reliable heat protectant spray I’ve ever owned, it also leaves my hair SO. SOFT. every single time! I know that my lovely friend Tenneil is a big fan of this product too which gives me more of a reason to make sure it never leaves my side. (Me? Dramatic? Never)

Mojave Ghost Hair Perfume

One of my all time favourite perfumes is Mojave Ghost by Byredo, so you can imagine my excitement when I received the hair perfume from Olly as a gift. Now I know this is a boujee step and it’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love spraying this into my freshly curled locks. I don’t do this step every day, only when I need an extra little pick-me-up mainly. I spray it over my hair a couple of times and I’m set to head out the door, the dreamy scent lingers in my hair for ages and really makes me feel good. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, am I right?

I’ve got a good thing going on with all of these dreamy products and I think my hair is definitely happier to have them around! What are some of your favourite hair products? I would love to know so please do leave a comment if you like.

Thank you for reading the second post of #LaVieDeMay, I’m incredibly annoyed and frustrated that I missed a day on my usual schedule due to a minor health issue, but I’m back and feeling better and can’t wait to get the rest of my content out to you guys!

F x

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