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A Glossier Haul.

A Glossier Haul.


I am still in love with Glossier almost as much as I was when it first launched in the UK over a year or so ago. However, after discovering that my skin really didn’t like their Skincare products, I decided to try their make-up and I. am. hooked. Glossier’s make-up products are so simple and fuss free that you really can’t go wrong with them. I recently made an order after I found that I was missing a couple of things from my everyday collection.


Oh, boy brow. I can’t imagine ever not having this little tube of wonder in my collection. I already have the boy brow in Brown but I wanted to add the Clear shade to my stash, I’m pretty good at keeping up to date with maintaining my brows so now I’m able to just set them in place without adding any colour. It’s perfect for me as I get my brows tinted dark so they can last longer. When they do need filling in, I usually like to use my trusty NYX pencil and then I apply either of my boy brow shades on top, depending on what I’m feeling. On slow days, I like to use my brown shade to just add a tint of colour and to set my brows in place. On no make up days or on days where I don’t need colour, I like to add my clear one. This lovely little product leaves me with perfect brows every time. I recently had my hair done so I may need to place an order for the blonde shade too!


I’m not a huge lipstick wearer or lover. I know what I like and I tend to stick to my nude ‘your lips but better’ shade which I usually like to get from Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect lipstick. More recently, however, I’ve been looking for something slightly sheer, slightly matte and not too expensive and it seemed that the Generation G Lipsticks would tick all the right boxes. I’ve also been searching for a red lipstick, which is very shocking to me as I never have worn red lipstick before and always thought that I never would. I ordered the shades Zip and Like from the website and I’m super impressed. The brand has said that the formula of Generation G is to “give the finish look of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot” and they have completely hit the nail on the head with that description. The colours are sheer yet buildable and I’ve been obsessed with wearing Like as an everyday shade, while I like to keep Zip for date nights, although you can definitely wear it daily too. Like tends to look very purple in the bullet, however, it comes out as a light wash of pink across the lips. Zip is a true red shade with a warm, almost orange, undertone and that too applies beautifully. I highly recommend these to anyone wanting a good quality, reasonably priced lipstick.



I have never used an SPF on my face as part of my daily routine. I know. I am a terrible person and I dislike myself for it. Obviously, when Olly and I go away to a warmer climate, I always pack and use sunscreen no matter what to avoid burning. I’m usually left with a greasy residue all over my face that does not agree with my skin which then leads to me breaking out, not cute. Purchasing and placing a facial SPF into my daily routine had never crossed my mind and I didn’t even know where to start to find one that wouldn’t clog up my pores. Enter Glossier’s Invisible Shield with SPF 30. Admittedly, I still don’t use this everyday as I tend to forget to apply it in the morning, but I am making a conscious effort to change that. This offer from Glossier is light in texture, has an almost transparent colour to it and glides over skin smoothly. It has a slight scent to it which reminds you it is an SPF product but it is in no way overpowering. I’ll keep going with this and applying it daily where I remember and I’ll keep you updated on how my skin reacts to it.


I originally wanted to place an order to replace my old skin tint as it had run out, but I couldn’t as it was sold out online. I believe that this was during the time they were getting ready to release their new and improved skin tint in 12 new shades (!) so I signed up to be notified when it was restocked. Only a week or so later, I received the email and in less than 7 seconds I was on the website ordering it. I got the shade G11, but the coverage is so sheer that I definitely think you could get away with getting the next lighter or darker shade. This doesn’t offer a lot, if any, coverage as I mentioned. However I love to use this for evening out my skin tone and it adds radiance and glow like no other. For every day use I like to apply the skin tint, with my fingers, to my skin alone and add concealer where needed. However, when I want something with a fuller coverage for a day out or a dinner date, I always add this into another foundation to add that glow and change the formula up. It’s a perfect all rounder for me and definitely one product that will be sticking with me this year.

I’ll no doubt be placing another Glossier order soon. When the quality is that good and the prices are that reasonable, I can’t seem to resist adding to my collection! What’s on your Glossier wish list?

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