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A Look Inside My Bag.

A Look Inside My Bag.

+ a mini review on the Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini bucket bag.


I’ve been eyeing up the Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket Bag for what feels like the longest time…I even almost bought it when I visited the store in NYC! However, there was always a reason as to why I couldn’t make it mine so you can imagine how overwhelmed I felt when I unwrapped this Christmas, just gone, from Olly! He had picked my perfect bag. Blush pink, in the smooth leather material with the gold detailing…what. a. dream. I personally love watching videos where people show the contents of what’s inside their bag - I guess you could call me nosy. That’s what I want to show you today as well give you a mini review of what I really think about the bag now that I’ve had it for a couple of months.


I don’t use this bag everyday as I tend to alternate between my Fjällräven Kånken backpack and my Outdoor Voices tote for work, but I love to bring this beauty with me everywhere on the weekends. It’s the perfect size as it’s quite compact and never gets in the way, but it also holds all of my essentials and more as well as the kitchen sink too…okay, maybe not the kitchen sink but you get my drift…


Inside my bucket bag, I always carry my beautiful Gucci purse (another gift from Olly, I know, what a guy right?). This is the perfect size purse for me as it holds all of my cards, cash and loose change all without being too bulky. I always have my iPhone too but I think that was a given. I also carry around my Camera, it’s not pictured here as I was using it to photograph with, but It’s a Canon G7X Mark ii so hopefully that gives you a size reference…I told you guys, this bag is super deceiving when it comes to holding all of my things.

I’m very much sure that my fellow thick haired girls would agree that a huge essential to always carry around with me is a hairband. I love the invisibobble hairbands as I find they don’t leave kinks in my hair or leave me with a headache inducing tight hair style. Win!

My other number one essential is always headphones. I recently got the AirPods and they may have changed the game. I’m seriously into listening to podcasts at the moment and knowing I can escape into a different conversation whilst blocking out the sounds around me is a good feeling. I’m currently listening my way through Estée Lalonde’s podcast On The Line which I am loving, if anyone has any good podcast recommendations please do leave them below!


I don’t go too crazy with the beauty products I carry around with me. I think it’s very easy to throw your entire lipstick collection in your bag and forget you have them in there until you try to find one. I like to keep mine pretty minimal I would say. First of all, I always like to carry tissues on me for a ‘just in case’ scenario and I love this sweet little pack.

A beauty essential I always carry around with me is hand cream. Does anyone else experience feeling like your hands are starting to suffocate if they’re too dry? No? Just me then… I love the & Other Stories hand creams the most. They’re hydrating, they smell incredible and they don’t take up too much space. A must have!

I like to stick to having just two options for lips, usually one colour and one balm. My current favourites are the By Terry Baume De Rose lip care* and the Glossier Generation G lipstick in Like. The lip care is perfect for keeping my lips hydrated all day, although I do like to top up every now and then with it, and I love the generation G lipstick too as it’s super sheer but buildable. I don’t find the matte formula too drying either which is always a good sign for me. Speaking of Glossier, I also always like to have my little pocket mirror in my bag too for assisting with any touch ups throughout the day. This mirror is so sweet as it has a little word of encouragement printed on the bottom of it, that paired with the adorable tiny pink pouch makes it a lovely combination to keep with me at all times.

I never used to be a big fragrance lover. I usually stuck to what worked for me and I loved. However, as I got older and started to appreciate scents from brands such as Diptyque and Byredo, I realised that I wanted to get a little more adventurous with my perfumes. I recently received the Eau De Rose travel perfume* from Diptyque in a set (similar set here) and I couldn’t believe that I had gone so long without it in my collection. I’ve always stayed away from Rose scented products as I always felt like they were too powdery and reminded me of something I’d find in my Grandma’s collection. However, brands are getting very good at finding the balance for the perfect rose scent and I am truly obsessed with this offering from Diptyque. I also have my eye on the Rose of No Man’s Land perfume from Byredo.


This bag is such great quality and I am super impressed with how much I can fit into it. It really is a mini Mary Poppins bag! Everything from the structure to the colour, from the gold detailing to the strap length, it’s all just perfect for me, it also comes in a dust bag which is always luxe. My friend Tenneil once mentioned to me that she was tempted but the thought of the tie coming undone put her off slightly. I’ve personally never had an issue with the tie coming undone, I find it holds itself well and only becomes loose if I fiddle around with it. Overall, I am in love with this bag from Mansur Gavriel and I will definitely be looking to them for any future ‘treat yourself’ moments. I would recommend this bag a hundreds times over to anyone and everyone who will listen.

What’s in your bags right now? Let me know in the comments as I love to be nosy! Do you have any specific products and items you can’t be without?


Items marked with an asterisk (*) have kindly been gifted and sent to me by the wonderful team at World Duty Free. I am not obligated to post about the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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