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My 2019 Goals.

My 2019 Goals.


I really love setting myself New Year’s resolutions and being able to look back throughout the year to see if I’m still on track. These type of goal setting posts are some of my favourite to write and read, I haven’t always been too good at sticking to them but 2019 is the year! I also love the perception surrounding New Year’s that it brings a fresh start and a heck load of organisation. I’ve been ready for 2019 for what feels like forever, I’m feeling so motivated and inspired and I can’t wait to get started in all areas of my life.

I’ve got a mix of goals I want to achieve, or at least be consistent at. I try to not put myself under a huge amount of pressure to complete them all, I’m all about trying to better myself as I just want to be the best version of me.

01. Take more photos. I know bloggers and instagrammers are notorious for taking photos of everything, but that’s never been me! I don’t even take photos of my food, despite how instagrammable it may be. Now I’m not saying I want to start snapping away at my lunches daily but I do want to be more active in taking photos of my friends, family and general surroundings. I’d love to compile photo albums one day so I need to get better in actually taking snaps here and there whenever I’m with loved ones or drinking a latté with cute milk art.

02. Put my health first. Going to the gym and eating better is usually on the top of everyone’s new year resolutions lists and this year, I am the same. Something inside me has just switched on and I’m fully ready to commit to myself and my health. I’m in a very lucky position that my new office space has a free on-site gym and weekly, cheap exercise classes so it’s costing me little to nothing to get in shape, I’m finding I have no excuse which is what I needed to mentally push myself so I’ve signed up to the gym and weekly yoga + pilates classes which is exciting! You may have seen I mentioned in my 2018 achievements post that I was diagnosed with IBS last year which is something I’m trying to deal with. This year I want to really rein in my eating habits and eat less meat, specifically red meat. I’m a huge snacker too so I need to train myself to snack on the right kind of foods my body without depriving myself. My mental health has been really good so far too recently, I think this is down to starting my new job at a company I love but I do believe that with eating right and exercising frequently will also help my anxiety too so I’m all about it.

03. Make time for my girlfriends. This year I want to start really spreading my love out that little bit further to all of my girlfriends. I want boardgames nights, picnics, coffee dates, photoshoots galore and more, all with the amazing women I get to call my friends. My girl gang are one of the most important things to me and they’re really a huge part of who I am so I’m making a real conscious effort to book dates in so that we can catch up and put the world to rights. This is a huge goal to me this year that I’m determined to see through.

04. Step up my photography + editing game. Whilst I love writing all of my blog posts, I feel as though taking photos and editing them is one of my favourite steps to do when completing a post. A lot of the bloggers I follow all seem to have a very distinct style throughout their imagery, it’s a subtle difference but it makes them original. I’d really like to work on finding my own style through editing as well as just generally get the basics down for Photoshop and Lightroom. Something I also want to work on, is pushing myself out of my comfort zone of flat lays and get more personal shots. I’m going to have to really work on getting myself confident in front of the camera but I’m ready for the challenge!

Some other little goals I want to work through this year…

- Find the balance between saying yes and no to the right things

- Engage online more consistently with the community

- Save a certain amount of money

- Make smart purchases by researching and budgeting

- Read more books

- Learn how to use chopsticks

- Cook more nutritious meals and try new foods

- Begin the process of learning a new language (ideally French)

- Nail down my skincare and beauty routines

- Wash my make-up brushes and beauty blender frequently

- Book regular hair, eyebrow and manicure appointments

Have you set yourself any goals for 2019? I’d love to hear them, these are my favourite kind of posts to read!

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