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My 2018 Achievements.

My 2018 Achievements.


Hello you lovely lot, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I can’t quite believe that 2019 is upon us. Does anyone else feel as though the older they get, the quicker the years seem to come and go? 2018 has been a funny year for the most part and if I’m entirely honest, I cannot wait to wave it goodbye and welcome in a new year with, hopefully, new changes and a fresh start. When I sat down to brainstorm this post, I realised how much of a negative thinker I had become over the past 12 months as it took me a while to come to terms with what 2018 has thrown my way. Once I started being kinder to myself, I realised that actually I have quite a few achievements from this year that I wanted to pat myself on the back about, so that’s what I’m sharing with you today. After all, no one wants to read a post from negative Nancy.

01. I quit my toxic job without having another job to go in to. I think that this is the biggest personal achievement to me over the past year. I was faced with a very stressful situation at work which snowballed out of control, it led to my health and well-being no longer being a top priority and as a result of it, I became an extremely unwell and anxious shell of a human being. I really lacked personality this year, which is one of the worst feelings as I just felt that I was never truly myself. The stress of the job resulted in me crying every night when I got home from work, every morning before work, and sometimes during work when it got too much. It sounds very dramatic but that was my life for the past 9 months, it started to take it’s toll and my personal relationships outside of work were starting to become affected too. I knew I had to take action so I started looking for a new job, which is obviously not the easiest thing in the world and it took me 3 months to decide whether or not just quitting (and hoping for the best) was the right thing to do. I handed my notice in and never looked back. It was definitely the right thing for me to do and I’m so unbelievably happy that I made that decision.

02. I visited a dietician! After having horrendous bloating and digestion problems for the past few years, I decided it was finally time to see a dietician. She was very lovely and we discussed my health history and my eating habits and so on before she finally diagnosed me with IBS. It’s been a journey and I definitely could do more to help myself which I will be making time for in the new year. However, knowing the route issue has helped me to find trigger points and foods so it’s slightly easier now to understand. Health and fitness will always be a long term goal and commitment but I’m finally in a place where I am happy to work for it.

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03. I became a brand ambassador for Papier! This was a very exciting time of the year for me, I had never imagined that my blog and instagram would ever give me the opportunity to work alongside such an incredible brand. The PR team have been nothing but lovely and patient as well as professional. I’m a huge stationary lover so to have this opportunity and to grow a relationship with the Papier girls really truly meant the world to me. I’m also very thankful for this as it introduced me to some really wonderful girls like Sofia, if you’re obsessed with stationary like I am, you need to be following them!

04. I grew new relationships with other brands too. I’ve been kindly sent gifts from the amazing teams at Dermalogica, World Duty Free UK and Beauty Blender. Interacting and connecting with these teams has really broadened my perspective and respect for the industry, it’s lovely to receive the gifts but in all honesty, I just absolutely love the girls behind the screens and I really I can continue our relationships into the new year.

05. One of the most exciting things to happen this year, was that I relaunched my blog! It was a lengthy process but I am so unbelievably happy that I made the move and change over to Squarespace to host my new site. I’m finding it super easy to create the kind of content that I want without having to stress about coding and all of the tech side of things. I’m finding that I’m more motivated to post than ever, and while sometimes life does get in the way and time slips through my fingers, I’m finding that I always have at least 2-3 posts in my drafts that I’m constantly working on, something I did not have before. I’m just so excited to throw myself into my blog throughout the new year and continue to post about the things I love.


06. I got a new job in my dream company! I’m super excited to start my new job on the 2nd of January, just in time for that New Year buzz. What I’m most excited for is to finally be looked after and I only have to look after myself and focus on what I’m doing, which is very exciting to me. I’ll also finally be able to settle into a routine, as my new job is now Monday to Friday and 8:30 to 17:00, which is something I’ve never had before. I can’t wait to use my weekends catching up with friends for coffee and throwing myself into blogging. It helps that my new job is paying me more too! They also have an on-site gym for staff to use for free and there are weekly, very cheap exercise classes too, + not too mention sample sales. I’m so excited to get started!

07. Olly and I saved up for a trip to New York City. We had the best week strolling the streets of NYC, we visited the park and the zoo, had fun in the Natural History Museum and found the best ramen spots and ate the most amazing chinese food at the incredible Buddakan restaurant, any other fellow SITC lovers out there? We spent a lot of money, and found our way around the neighbourhoods. We didn’t want to come home! We’re already planning a trip back there soon.

08. I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram! I know this may seem rather shallow and so unimportant to anyone else, but the blogging & Instagram community know how hard it can be to grow your audience to your next target. I’m currently finding it super difficult to reach 1,300 but it’s okay. I know I’ll get there, I just need to be more consistent. I’m super proud that I reached this goal, and I can’t wait to work hard towards my next goal. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using Instagram this year, it’s brought me closer to a great bunch of girls and a lovely community of support. I’ve met a few wonderful girls who I really do consider as friends, I can’t wait to meet Charlotte and Megan in the new year and continue to grow my friendship with the ever so lovely, Tenneil.

09. One of my biggest personal achievements from 2018 is that I’m finally accepting that sometimes my anxiety isn’t going to be good and ultimately, it comes down to me to help myself. I want to take myself out of my comfort zone in the new year, as well as nailing a real exercise routine too. I have accepted that what I put into my body will shine on the outside so I want to eat better and understand more about self-care and self-love. I have accepted that I need to do better, to help myself. Bring on 2019!


Like I said, I’m very much looking forward to the new year and what it will bring. I’m looking forward to working on myself and doing better in all areas of my life. I enjoyed reflecting on this year, despite it not being a very nice one. It was good to put it all into perspective and find the good things that I’m able to pat myself on the back for.

What are your 2018 achievements?

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